SEO Strategy

To be successful online, your website must meet the expectations of both Google and your users 🤝. That means clean code, high quality and original content, and an intuitive user experience.

My SEO, Content, & UX audit process

I have 15+ years of experience in digital strategy, on both the corporate and agency sides. I've trained Fortune 500s on search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, and I co-authored a book about aligning your content with the needs of your prospects.
Step 1

SEO & data analysis

  • Assess website for on-site SEO best practices: keywords, title tags, header tags, metadata, & more
  • Assess website's technical SEO: code issues, URL structure, page speed, mobile friendliness, & more
  • Recommend specific improvements in all of these areas
Step 2

Content & UX analysis

  • Assess website user experience (UX) for clarity, consistency, design
  • Review Google Analytics & Google Search Console data to reveal content & UX opportunities
  • Determine how well your content answers your ideal customers' most pressing questions & problems
Step 3

Implementation & training

  • Present recommendations in order of priority
  • Update & improve your website
  • Train your team for future success

In-depth SEO audits & implementation

Recent projects

SEO & Content Consulting

Q2-Q4 2022: Conducted sitewide audit and identified 24 areas of improvement across content, design, keywords, and technical SEO; prioritized all recommendations into phases; after 4 months, organic traffic increased 50%.

SEO, Content, & UX audit

Q4 2021: Recommended strategic content opportunities to reach their target audiences; outlined tactical SEO & code improvements; provided a UX/conversion playbook for their upcoming site redesign.

SEO, Content, & UX audit

Q3 2020: Led training workshops for NYC & London teams. Created customized SEO checklists & content cheatsheets that their teams could use moving forward. Implemented 75% of my recommendations within 3 weeks.
"I cannot recommend Drew enough. I've just completed my second project with him, and the level of depth and insight he brings is second to none. His approach to improving SEO, content, and on-page engagement is incredibly thoughtful."
Adam Logan
Director of Demand Generation, Ometria

Why work with me?

I have 15+ years of hands-on experience in all areas that drive website improvement:

Digital marketing + analytics

SEO + content

User experience (UX)

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