Google Analytics 4

GA4 can be a powerful ally for your business. When pairing GA4 📊 with Google Tag Manager, we can build custom events, audiences, and funnel reports to glean valuable website insights that weren't previously possible.
Google Analytics 4 screenshot

My GA4 process

GA4 can provide a clear roadmap for opportunities to improve your website's content and user experience.
Step 1


  • Create GA4 property
  • Create custom website events in Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Integrate GA4 with both GTM and Google Search Console
Step 2

Custom reporting

  • Discuss website goals; collaborate on measurement framework
  • Build custom audiences (learn who is most likely to convert, etc.)
  • Build custom reports (learn where in the funnel users are dropping, etc.)
Step 3

Ongoing insights & training

  • Monthly or quarterly reports, with strategic recommendations on website next steps
  • Continue to improve custom reports, audiences, events, etc.
  • GA4 training is available
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