A/B website testing

With conversion rate optimization, we run 🆎 tests to quickly address website flaws. Remember, a subpar user experience will directly correlate to poor online results.
Version A
Version B
104% more leads
Version A
Version B
41% more registrations

Quick wins for mid-sized companies

What is conversion rate optimization?

CRO is an ongoing website testing strategy that aims to convert more of your visitors into customers. How? We improve the user experience on your website's important pages by experimenting with:




A website testing example

How CRO = major ROI

When done correctly, CRO will pay for itself many times over. Below, see how improving a web page's conversion rate from just 2% to 3% can yield $300k in additional revenue each month:
🫤 Without CRO website testing
How your site might perform today:

Web page visitors/mo.

2% conversion rate
200 leads/mo.
40 customers/mo.
20% close ratio for your sales team
$15k average worth of new customer

from your old page

😎 With CRO website testing
How your site could perform in the near future:

Web page visitors/mo.

3% conversion rate
300 leads/mo.
60 customers/mo.
Same assumptions:
20% close ratio for your sales team
$15k average worth of new customer

from your new page

Continuous website improvement

My CRO process

My clients typically dedicate just 2-3 hours per month in a CRO engagement. Collaboration is key, but I can handle the majority of strategy, plus all of the implementation of your website tests.
Step 1. SETUP

Identify website points of friction for users

  • Assess website user experience (UX) for clarity, consistency, design
  • Review analytics & data to uncover opportunities
  • Set up testing platforms & adjust website code to allow for ongoing CRO testing
Step 2. ONgoing strategy

Create website test ideas & hypotheses

  • Meet with you 2x/mo. to discuss business goals & testing ideas
  • Rank test ideas by potential impact in a shared, continually updated CRO roadmap
  • Review proposed page mockups & agree on which tests to run
Step 3. ongoing implementation

Run tests & improve website

  • Run approved tests for 4-12 weeks
  • Analyze test results & discuss lessons learned about your users/business
  • Update website to match winning tests

Small tweaks, big results

The enterprise approach to website testing

For companies with 100,000+ website visitors per month, simple A/B testing can drive massive ROI for them.

For example, could run a CRO test where they experiment with 2 variants of a home page headline: "Top Deals" vs. "On Sale Now." If one version drove just 3% more online purchases, it would yield significant results for the company.
"Drew's work is driving 50%+ higher conversion on our highest value pages."
Josh Zywien
CMO, Paradox

Go big or go home

Why mid-market businesses should take a bolder CRO approach

For companies with 5,000 - 100,000 website visitors per month, I often recommend doing split tests (also called redirect tests). We send half of your users to version A of a web page, and the other half to a very different version B.

Instead of merely testing the color of a button, or the wording on a headline, we re-imagine the underperforming page. By going bold, we can drive bigger, better results in less time. My results include:

Return on investment (ROI)


Increase in demo requests


Increase in leads

Why work with me?

I have 15+ years of hands-on experience in all areas that drive website improvement:

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