A/B website testing

With conversion rate optimization, we run 🆎 tests to quickly address website flaws. CRO is often a faster, cheaper alternative to redesigning your entire website. Remember, a subpar user experience will directly correlate to poor online results.
Version A
Version B
104% more leads
Version A
Version B
41% more registrations
Quick wins for mid-sized companies

What is conversion rate optimization?

CRO is an ongoing A/B website testing strategy that converts more of your visitors into customers. How? We improve the user experience on your website's important pages by experimenting with:




A website testing example

How CRO = major ROI

When done correctly, CRO will pay for itself many times over. Below, see how improving a web page from just 2% to 3% can yield $300k in additional revenue each month:
🫤 Without CRO website testing
How your site might perform today:

Web page visitors/mo.

2% conversion rate
200 leads/mo.
40 customers/mo.
20% close ratio for your sales team
$15k average worth of new customer

from your old page

😎 With CRO website testing
How your site could perform in the near future:

Web page visitors/mo.

3% conversion rate
300 leads/mo.
60 customers/mo.
Same assumptions:
20% close ratio for your sales team
$15k average worth of new customer

from your new page

Continuous website improvement

My CRO process

My clients typically dedicate just 2-3 hours per month in a CRO engagement. Collaboration is key, but I can handle the majority of strategy, plus all of the implementation of your website tests.
Step 1. SETUP

Identify website points of friction for users

  • Assess website user experience (UX) for clarity, consistency, design
  • Review analytics & data to uncover opportunities
  • Set up testing platforms & adjust website code to allow for ongoing CRO testing
Step 2. ONgoing strategy

Create website test ideas & hypotheses

  • Meet with you 2x/mo. to discuss business goals & testing ideas
  • Rank test ideas by potential impact in a shared, continually updated CRO roadmap
  • Review proposed page mockups & agree on which tests to run
Step 3. ongoing implementation

Run tests & improve website

  • Run approved tests for 4-12 weeks
  • Analyze test results & discuss lessons learned about your users/business
  • Update website to match winning tests
Small tweaks, big results

The enterprise approach to website testing

For companies with 100,000+ website visitors per month, simple A/B testing can drive massive ROI for them.

For example, could run a CRO test where they experiment with 2 variants of a home page headline: "Top Deals" vs. "On Sale Now." If one version drove just 3% more online purchases, it would yield significant results for the company.
"Drew's work is driving 50%+ higher conversion on our highest value pages."
Josh Zywien
CMO, Paradox
Go big or go home

Why mid-market businesses should take a bolder CRO approach

For companies with 5,000 - 100,000 website visitors per month, I often recommend doing split tests (also called redirect tests). We send half of your users to version A of a web page, and the other half to a very different version B.

Instead of merely testing the color of a button, or the wording on a headline, we re-imagine the underperforming page. By going bold, we can drive bigger, better results in less time. My results include:

Return on investment (ROI)


Increase in demo requests


Increase in leads

Why work with me?
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